We manufacture and offer an unrivalled range of twines in both elastic and non elastic for the food industry, all manufactured by ourselves to the highest standards for quality and hygiene at one of our 5 BRC accredited sites. 

Whether you are after spools of rayon for hand tying, or cones of our non elastic 2000T or elastic 2000TE  for machine tying, TruNet have the products that you need. TruNet also manufactures machines for tying joints of meat, for instance, the T- Tyer is a machine for automatically tying meat joints using our twines, you can read more about that here . 

Most of our TruNet Twines are manufactured by Henry Winning & Co ( A part of the TruNet Group ) they have been producing quality twines since 1880 – You can read more about that business by clicking here.



非弹性 2000T