TN700 'Duo' Meat Press & Stuffer

Download the TN700 'Duo' Meat Press & Stuffer Brochure


World's first combination meat press and meat stuffer built as a single unit. 

We know that space is a premium in any meat plant and until now customers were required to buy 2 machines for pressing and stuffing. By creating a 2 in 1 machine, we have reduced the footprint of the machine by 60% against our competitors. The price of our Duo machine is approximately 30% lower than having to invest in the 2 separate machines described above.

Using the New TruNet TN700 “Duo” 2 in 1 Double Stuffer & Press you can press and form at up to 800 pieces per hour and then easily convert to a high speed netting stuffer to achieve speeds in excess of up to 1200 cycles per hour.

TruNet TN700 'duo' Meat Press & Stuffer


  • High power press system to shape and form the product for stuffing into netting or casings or now both netting and casing
  • High-speed output of up to 800 units per hour when used as a press and up to 1200 units per hour when used as a stuffer
  • Quick conversion system allows machine to be changed from press to high speed stuffer, with user friendly controls for fast machine mode selection
  • Market leading 700mm length tubes for netting and casings
  • Manufactured fully from stainless steel AISI 304 all non Stainless Steel parts are food grade and approved for use in the food industry
  • Ergonomic, robust chamber lid, designed for ease of use
  • Easy open chamber access panels, allowing for quick and efficient tooling changes
  • All control systems are constructed to the highest available standards
  • User friendly controls for fast efficient machine mode selection


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