TruNet Super + Net

Product Information

Available Sizes : 50mm to 300mm
Number of Squares : 4 to 48
Strength Of Netting Available : Lite / Standard / Power / Double Rubber / Double Rubber Power
Spirals per 100mm : 14
Temperatures : Boil: 100°c / Roast: 225°c
Colours : Standard Colours Available
Packing Format : 50mtr rolls, 100mtr rolls, Maxi roll (200mtr-1500mtr), VRAC (200mtr-1500mtr)
Make Up : A warp knitted synthetic net in tubular form with inlaid spirals of covered natural rubber
Vertical Chains : Food grade polyester yarn
Horizontal Chains : Extruded food grade rubber covered with Food Grade Polyester
TruNet Super + Net on Meat Joint


  • TruNet Super + Net is one of our most commonly used nets for slicing applications
  • A middle tier net 
  • Available for Roast, Boil, Steam and Smoked applications
  • Typically used for slicing cooked meats

Packaging Formats

Rolls of Netting